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Using Buyofuel’s online marketplace to buy and sell biofuels in India is easy, transparent, safe and secure.

Grow your business with Buyofuel.

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Sell your biofuel directly to consumers and expand your business potential.

  • Procure raw materials from genuine aggregators.
  • Sell manufactured biofuels in fair price deals.
  • Manage offers, negotiations, orders and invoices at ease.
  • Oversee logistics with advanced tracking.
  • Make informed business decisions based on analytical data.

Find your hidden potential with Buyofuel. 


Unlimited Supply

Earn an unlimited supply of raw materials 

Endless Possibilities

Discover authentic clients and carry out constant business

Build Network

Interact and connect with biofuel business associates

Trade With Assurance

Buyofuel verifies every user’s authenticity

Secure Payments

Make payments securely with escrow transactions


Reliable Transport

Buyofuel helps in dispatching your goods

A seamless solution for a smart business

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Buyofuel Market Place.

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How to create an account on Buyofuel app?

How to create an account on Buyofuel app?

  • Visit and click on ‘Sign up here’.
  • Enter your basic information – name, email, password and mobile number.
  • From the dropdown menu, select if you want to sign up as a biofuels manufacturer/trader/consumer.
  • You will be required to enter your GST number in the later stage to process transactions.

Note about the 3 kinds of profiles:

1. A manufacturer will have both buyer and seller profiles within. A manufacturer can:
– Buy raw materials
– Sell manufactured biofuels

2. A trader will have both buyer and seller profiles within. A trader can:
– Buy biofuels from manufacturers
– Sell biofuels to end fuel consumers

3. A consumer will only have a buyer profile. A consumer can:
– Buy biofuels for direct usage

How to update your product and payment information?

How to update your product and payment information? - Seller

  • Click on the settings option under your profile name on the top right corner of your screen.

How to update your product and payment information?(2) - Seller

  • Go to the ‘Products’ tab from the left-hand navigation.
  • Under the ‘Products you’d like to sell’, click on ‘Add new product’.
  • Select your product from the drop down menu and add the minimum and maximum quantities you can sell.
  • You can add up to 5 different products to your list.  

Note –

Similarly, add payment information (account name, account number and IFSC code) in the ‘Payments’ tab on the left side of your screen.

What to do when you receive a RFQ(Request For Quote)?

What to do when you receive a RFQ (Request For Quote)?

  • As soon as you sign into your account, this is the first screen you will see—the Enquiries section. The requests you’ve received will appear on the ‘RFQ’ tab. Click on ‘Open’ to view the quote.
  • Check the buyer’s requirements and compile the necessary quotation details.
How to send a quote?

How to send a quote?

  • When you open the RFQ, click on ‘Send quote’ at the bottom of the information sent by the buyer.

How to send a quote?(2)

  • Firstly, enter the price and GST details based on what the buyer wants to buy.

How to send a quote?(3)


  • If the buyer has selected that transportation is to be handled by you, you must share the price of transportation as well. You can add a separate transportation price in the ‘Transport’ box or select ‘included with base price’.
  • If the buyer mentions that he/she will handle the quality testing, you can skip that part. Instead you can optionally share a latest quality report or picture of the product.
  • If the buyer asks you to carry out the quality testing, include the test price in your quote as per the buyer’s chosen testing parameters. 
  • From the 5 checkboxes under ‘Terms of payment’, click on an option you prefer.

How to send a quote?(4)

  • Apart from payment, if you have any additional terms or remarks you would like to convey to the buyer, you can add that as well.
  • Click on ‘Send quote’ once you fill in all the details.

How to send a quote?(5)

  • You can view the sent quote under the ‘Quotes’ tab.
  • If the buyer does not accept the quote and instead sends a counter offer, it will appear under the ‘Counter offers’ tab. You can go on to review, accept or send a counter offer again.
  • If the buyer accepts your quote and places an order, it will appear in the ‘Orders’ section.
How to accept an order?

How to accept an order?


  • Once the buyer places their order, you can view it under the ‘Received’ tab in the ‘Orders’ section.

How to accept an order?(2)


  • Click on ‘View’ to go through the information previously exchanged. (RFQ, quote and counter offers)

How to accept an order?(3)

  • Scroll down to see the final order details of the buyer. You can click on ‘Accept’ to confirm the order from your side.
  • Your accepted order details will be available under the ‘Yet to execute tab’.
How to view the payment details?

Buyofuel practices escrow payment wherein buyers have a virtual wallet. They will first transfer the money to this virtual wallet and then go on to transfer it to you, making the transaction completely safe.  

How to view the payment details?

  • Click on the ‘Payments’ section on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Here, your payments will be segregated according to three categories—ongoing, overdue and completed.
  • Navigate to the ‘Ongoing’ tab and click on ‘open’ to view the payment status of a specific order.

How to view the payment details?(2)

  • Here, you can view the order payment status.
  • You can also view the invoice and download a copy for your records.
  • You will receive notifications each time the buyer requests a quote, sends an order and makes the payment. 
What to do after you dispatch the order?

What to do after you dispatch the order?

  • Once you process and dispatch the order, go to the ‘Yet to execute tab’ and click on ‘Execute’.

What to do after you dispatch the order?(2)

  • Here, you will be required to enter the loading details, e-way bill details and the dispatch details with a tracking link.
  • Under the ‘Weight slip’, you must enter the following details:

– Empty weight of the tanker

– Full weight after loading the product

– The net weight

– Volume

What to do after you dispatch the order?(3)

  • Under the ‘E-waybill details’, attach the related document and enter the following details:

– E-waybill registration number

– Date and reaching date of the order

– Dispatched quantity

– Tracking link

– Vehicle number

– Driver number

  • Once all information is entered, click on ‘Send order’.

What to do after you dispatch the order?(4)

  • Now, your order details will appear under the ‘In execution’ tab.
What to do after the order has been delivered?

What to do after the order has been delivered?

  • Under the ‘In execution’ tab, you can view the order details.

What to do after the order has been delivered?(2)

  • If the order has been successfully delivered, click on ‘complete order’ to confirm that the order has been completed from your end.
  • In case you face a problem through this procedure or are not satisfied with the order, you can click on ‘Raise dispute’ and Buyofuel will assist you to resolve the issue.
  • After your order is successfully completed, the order details will move to the ‘completed orders’ tab for future references.
How to overview your activities on Buyofuel?

How to overview your activities on Buyofuel?

  • Click on the ‘Analytics’ section to find a detailed overview of your performance and activities on the app.
  • Metrics like total number of orders, total transaction value, revenue share and quantity share for the month can be viewed.

Note –

If you are a trader or a manufacturer, you can switch to the buyer profile by clicking on your profile on the top right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Switch to buyer.  


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