Agri residues and wood waste: A traditional biofuel

Agri residues and wood waste

Bioenergy: Best sources of biofuel

Biofuels, made from biomass (organic material), is a renewable energy source that can help address many of the challenges created by fossil fuels—the primary form of energy used today. Using biomass as a renewable fuel for transportation and power generation, waste resources can ensure a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. In addition to a comprehensive climate plan through carbon capture and other measures, bioenergy is an important part of a strategy to phase out coal-generated electricity. 

Moreover, bioenergy production from agricultural residues and manure offers significant economic benefits.

Diving deeper to understand agri-residues and wood waste as biofuel:

Wood residues are the ones that include the materials derived from any manufacturing processes that involve wood. They are the residues collected during the logging process, which can be recycled or reused and converted to biofuels. 

Forest residues are now being evaluated as a source of biomass for energy production. Woody biomass consists of the stems, branches, and unused portions of trees and other plants. In many cases, these are left on top of the ground following a forestry operation or the residues found during the manufacturing process. This waste then converts to biofuel, which can be used for transportation alternatives to fossil fuels.

Choose wisely

In a nutshell, agri-residues and wood wastecan be used as one of the best fossil fuel alternatives, also known as biofuels, to ensure that we are on a sustainable journey and taking care of the planet. If you are someone who is very much interested in using biofuels for your business, you are here in the right place. We are Buyofuel, a marketplace for all your biofuel needs. Get in touch with us or visit us at to know more about us.