Liquid Biofuels

Liquid biofuels, a prospective replacement for fossil fuels based on petroleum, are produced from biomass sources such vegetable oils, animal fats(animal tallow), and waste greases. They are primarily used in transportation, power production and heating applications. With liquid biofuels, you can reduce your carbon footprint, combat climate change and help create a more sustainable future. Used cooking oil (UCO) is also an important raw material for manufacturing liquid biofuels.
Liquid Biofuels

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Biodiesel is a natural, renewable substitute for conventional diesel fuel that is 100% biodegradable and environmentally benign. It is a liquid biofuel manufactured from used cooking oils, animal tallow, acid oils, palm sterins and vegetable oils via transesterification process. Biodiesel burns with significantly less emissions than diesel. Biodiesel also contains oxygen and other additives, which result in clean exhaust emissions. This liquid fuel is safer to handle and can be widely used in a variety of applications, including vehicles, marine engines, furnaces, generators, and boilers.
Bio ldo

Bio-LDO (Plastic Oil)

Bio-light diesel oil also known as plastic oil is produced from plastic wastes via pyrolysis process. Bio-LDO is a cost-effective and eco-friendly liquid biofuel that serves as an alternative to traditional materials. Due to its high calorific value, it can be widely used as industrial fuel to substitute light diesel oil. It is environmentally-friendly to harvest clean energy which is typically used in industries like boilers and power generation.
Bio ldo


Bio-ethanol is an alcohol-based liquid biofuel derived from renewable biological sources such as corn, wheat, or sugarcane. It has a high octane rating, meaning it delivers improved engine performance and efficiency. Additionally, bio-ethanol has high oxygen content, which helps reduce harmful emissions. With its clean burning properties and low carbon footprint, bio-ethanol is an excellent liquid biofuel choice for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment.
Bio FO

Bio-FO (Tyre Oil)

Bio-Furnace Oil is a premium blend of high-quality, renewable, and sustainable natural oils. This liquid biofuel is designed to provide superior performance in oil-fired furnaces, boilers and other combustion appliance industries. Bio-furnace oil is made from wastes of rubber, tyres, and cashew shell via pyrolysis process. It burns at a lower temperature than conventional fuels, leaving less toxic residue and fumes. It has a very good viscosity, high combustion value, and minimizes the environmental impact that makes it an ideal choice for your business.
Bio FO

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Liquid Biofuels

Liquid biofuels, a promising alternative to petroleum-based fossil fuels, are derived from renewable biomass sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats (animal tallow), and waste greases. These biofuels find applications in transportation, power generation, and heating. By opting for liquid biofuels, individuals and industries alike can actively contribute to carbon footprint reduction, combat climate change, and contribute to building a more sustainable future.


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