Buyofuel’s 2023 – A Year of Growth, Connection and Celebration

Buyofuel’s 2023 - A Year of Growth, Connection and Celebration
Step right into ‘Buyofuel Engage 2023’! Get to the bottom of our exciting blog, where we spill the beans on 2023’s epic celebrations, team shenanigans, and all the craziness in between.
In this yearly edition:


Induction Program

Buyo Connect

Team Building Activities

Festival and Important Celebrations

Our Buyofuel Family

Open Positions


What a whirlwind of a year! In the first quarter, Buyofuel decided to get all professional and got itself a Human Resource team. After that, it was like someone pressed the ‘Company Makeover’ button!
We got fancy with an organizational chart, scribbled down some employee rules (aka handbooks), organized induction for newbies, streamlined salaries with the finance wizards (special kudos!), and even managed to throw in a few parties and team huddles for good measure. Oh, and not to forget, Fun Friday? That’s our newest excuse to pass time and pretend it’s team bonding!
But wait folks, because the Buyofuel saga is far from over! Buckle up as we dive into a year-long rollercoaster of employee adventures and initiatives in this lengthy blog.

Induction Program

Buyofuel believes in setting the stage right from the get-go. The Induction Program isn’t just a formality; it’s a gateway to understanding the heart and soul of our organization.The Induction & Training Program held at the Head Office located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was an intensive 6-day program meticulously designed to provide insights into our corporate culture, values, and the multifaceted dynamics driving the company.
Encompassing brand insights, HR guidelines, company SKUs, and the collaborative interplay of various teams from marketing to finance (including sales, sourcing, supply chain, sustainability and leadership), the program offers a holistic view.

To make the learning journey engaging, team-building activities and interactive games are interspersed throughout.

Wrapping up the week, a day-trip to Camp Splendour, Udumalpet was organized with nature treks, guided sessions, campfires, music, and delectable meals.

Following the induction process, an essential certification was rolled out, mandating all employees to undergo online training on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) in the workplace. Completion of this course is compulsory for everyone.

Additionally, a dedicated POSH committee, comprising both internal and external members, has been established within the organization to address and investigate any related concerns or issues.

Buyo Connect

Buyo connect was introduced from April, 2023. From then, a meeting is organized at the beginning of every month which offers a quick recap of the previous month’s highlights, shares achievements, updates on the latest news, discusses challenges, and sets goals for the upcoming month across all departments.

The aim is to unite every member of the organization, from employees to leadership, ensuring everyone is aligned with the company’s growth trajectory. Such interactions bolster employee engagement, foster a strong company culture, promote transparency, and encourage teamwork.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities popped up like mushrooms after a rainstorm, and Fun Fridays became the unofficial holiday we all secretly looked forward to (or that’s what we think).

Fun Friday
Every Friday is a fiesta organized by our dynamic HR team. We’ve turned bonding into an art form, and our office feels more like a funground than a workplace

We take our stress to the turf, literally. It’s like therapy, but with a ball involved. We run, we kick, and we accidentally discover talents we never knew we had. If you think office politics are intense, you should see our turf battles!

Birthday Celebrations
And birthdays? Oh, we don’t just acknowledge them; we turn them into full-blown celebrations .At Buyofuel, we roll out the red carpet (figuratively, of course) for each and every birthday boy and girl. Balloons, cake, off-key singing – the whole shebang.


Team Outing
Now, let’s talk about food – the fuel that keeps our Buyofuel engine running. We love to treat our employees to food delights. This isn’t just about what’s on the menu; it’s about bonding over bites and making memories together. And, we have lots and lots of it.

In the world of Buyofuel, every day is a celebration, every Friday is a party, and every team building activity is a chance to unleash our inner child while wearing professional attire. Who said work couldn’t be a blast?

Festival and Important Celebrations

Celebrations and festivals became a regular thing, turning our workplace into a perpetual party zone. We never leave a chance to celebrate.

International Women’s Day

A world where everyone is treated with fairness and respect, regardless of gender. A place where diversity is celebrated, and stereotypes have no place.
Every effort counts in promoting inclusion and standing against discrimination.
International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 is a reminder that this mission belongs to us all. Every action taken, big or small, helps make the world a more inclusive place.
As a gesture of appreciation, a little token of gratitude is given to every female member (of course, they deserve it!) of the Buyofuel team.

Tamil New Year

Celebrated with traditional fervor, our employees embraced the cultural significance of Puthandu, adorning themselves in vibrant attire and partaking in festive feasts.
The office resonated with joyous melodies, and a beautiful kolam adorned the entrance, symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings.

Friendship Day

Our workplace transformed into a haven of camaraderie as colleagues exchanged heartfelt messages, shared memories, and enjoyed delightful treats.
The spirit of friendship was palpable, with laughter echoing throughout and bonds strengthening over shared stories and mutual appreciation.

Again, truly some gained friendships for life! Who knew bonding over office could lead to friendships that never leave a chance to roast each other?


The vibrant hues of ‘pookalam’ flower carpets brightened our office floors, and the aroma of traditional Onam Sadhya filled the air.

Employees donned traditional attire, danced to the beats of Thiruvathira, and celebrated the harvest festival with enthusiasm and unity.


Raksha Bandhan

The symbolic thread of “You’re stuck with me, bro!” was lovingly, albeit reluctantly, tied around brothers’ wrists by their sisters (after some gentle, or not-so-gentle, arm twisting).
The office echoed with heartfelt sentiments, backhanded compliments, and the age-old reminder that, “Remember, I know all your secrets!” All in all, a day that celebrated the unique blend of sibling love and playful blackmail!

No Bag day

Embracing a lighter workday, our employees left behind their bags and delved into engaging activities and team-building exercises.
The day fostered creativity, encouraged minimalism, and offered a refreshing break from the routine, promoting a sense of freedom and innovation.
Well, now to be real — most just swapped backpacks for hand-carrying laptops, duh!

Fashion Day

The office transformed into a runway of creativity as employees showcased their unique styles choices.
From classic ensembles to avant-garde outfits, the day celebrated individuality, diversity, and the artistry of fashion, inspiring many to express themselves through attire.


Our workspace was adorned with spooky decorations, and employees donned inventive costumes ranging from erie to whimsical.
The day was filled with fun-filled activities, themed treats, and a delightful blend of fright and festivity that brought out the playful spirit in everyone.
Who knew everyone had such a ghostly expression?


The office radiated with the warm glow of diyas, and the air was filled with the scent of sweets and festive fervor.
Employees exchanged wishes, shared delectable treats, and celebrated the triumph of light over darkness with joyous festivities and dazzling fireworks.
Buyofuel Diwali


The office was adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
Employees embraced the spirit of giving, spreading warmth, cheer, and goodwill throughout the workplace.
Buyofuel Christmas Tree

Not to miss the secret Santa revelation. Gift exchanges ranged from fish tank to calculator that serenaded unsuspecting passersby.

Our Buyofuel Family

At present, Buyofuel comprises a dedicated group of 50 employees, each playing a pivotal role in steering the company’s success trajectory. Every effort undertaken by each team has not only been fruitful but also embodies the spirit and ethos of Buyofuel.
Buyofuel holds profound gratitude for every individual, recognizing and valuing their unwavering commitment and efforts. Each contribution, big or small, has been instrumental in propelling our organization forward. It’s through the collective endeavors, passion, and dedication that have achieved significant milestones and witnessed remarkable growth.
Our Leadership Team
Kishan KarunakaranPrasad P Nair
Sumanth SelvarasuVenkat Selvan
Human Resource Department
Harinee SreeSmrithi Sundarraj
Finance Department
Jitendra RathoreVenkatesan Tirupati
Vivedha SPSanjay
Sustainability Department
Harini Shri
Sales & Sourcing
NarayanasamyVicky GHari Narayan
Omkar Gowda A MSri KrishnaHarshad Rajendra
PalanirajaShrikant ChandrakantArun Kumar Y
Jaya KumarSelwyn SamuelRishopleeson
Aditya MukatiRahul Kumar
Supply Chain & Logistics
Damini BharathiJenefer
AffifaVeera Pathiran
Technology Department
Kavin K GKrunal RajuShradha Mishra
Henry AmalrajVishnu GeethanManikandan Prabhu
Mary LourduKartikey
Marketing Department
Arun Kumar R JKadhambari NSanjeev Ram
Suriya KSandhya SelvakumarDivya Aushin
Prateek A RSuma S

Open Positions

We are looking for seasonal professional in the following positions:
1. Telecaller – Female, Multilingual
2. Sales Lead (Karnataka Location)
Keep an eye out for further updates. Interested in learning more about us? Reach out anytime.
For inquiries, contact us at: [email protected]

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