Why Change From Conventional Fuels to Biofuels?

We live on this mother earth, which is home to all of us and our future generation. Just like how we enjoyed the beauty of mother earth, it’s our responsibility to create a healthier planet for our future generations as well. That said, we need to focus on sustainable products to protect nature. Biofuels play an important role in protecting our environment. There’s no better time to give more awareness about Biofuels than now. Let’s understand it better, and here’s why!

Through my window to the world outside, all I hear is, “Indians are the worst”, “Indians are a big failure” and whatnot. But NO, we are not the worst and definitely not a failure. We must take a stand and show them what we are. For if not, these negative voices will define us forever. 

Imagine a planet where there are no conventional fuels anymore. If you could imagine, almost all the vehicles, machineries and industries would stop running if that’s the case. Do you think it is possible to run our daily activities without conventional fuels? Absolutely NO. On the other hand there are many possibilities for things like this, and it is high time to look out for a sustainable and an alternative option. Biofuels are one of the most sustainable and the best alternative to conventional fuels even though we’ve been consuming them for ages.

Before diving deep, let’s understand what these conventional fuels are in the first place.

Fossil fuels are conventional fuels formed from carbon-rich deposits which are non-renewable. However, 80% of the world’s consumption is fossil fuels. These fuels are generally made up of coal, gas, or oil.

The reason why it negatively impacts our environment is that it’s non-renewable and harmful to the environment. Now, you might be wondering or maybe in a dilemma about the conventional fuel, but here are three reasons to help you understand the importance of biofuels and reasons to consider why you should change:

Climate changes

One of the significant reasons to consider biofuels is the impact of conventional fuels on our environment. We all know that when fossil fuels are burned, they emit much carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. This plays a crucial role in climatic changes causing global warming as producing plastics generates a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. If this persists, it worsens the temperature to a great extent.

More demand

An increase in the population equally increases the demand for fuels as there would be more usage of vehicles and transport. This is also one of the reasons why conventional fuel prices are soaring day by day. This again creates a lot of difficulty in monetary terms where the whole economy gets affected.

On the other hand, when there is more demand and the supply is less, it is evident that we need to find an affordable alternative.

Sustainable alternative

Conventional fuels affect climatic conditions and create harmful impacts on the environment. Therefore, it is high time for all of us, consumers of conventional fuels, to make a SWITCH. Being a more responsible and conscious human being, one of the best ways to find an alternative to conventional fuels is biofuels that are more sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly.  

Take the step:

Let’s make the best out of biofuels and protect our environment. Choosing biofuels is a win-win situation for both humanity and nature.

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