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Leave the hassle of sourcing your biofuel needs to us

No more hassle to source from various Biofuel Manufacturers

With over 300+ verified manufacturers all across India, we ensure to deliver the best quality biofuels to your factory

Need Monthly / Quarterly Delivery of Fuels? We got you covered

With Buyofuel now you can share the amount of fuel you consume per month and we can supply them to your doorstep

Looking to buy in large quantities? We can offer dedicated support from our Sales Experts

Buyofuel offers dedicated sales & support to enterprise customers. Hence, you can focus on your business while we can help you reach both your sustainability and fuel needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register in Buyofuel?
Any company Sole proprietorship/ partnership/ LLP/ Pvt. Ltd./ public Ltd. that is legally registered and incorporated in India and has a valid GST registration can register on Buyofuel.
Is there a verification and validation of the users of Buyofuel?

Yes, there is a verification of the details and validation by our personnel before any registered user becomes an active user of Buyofuel.

How many “RFQs” can I generate for a single requirement?

An active user of Buyofuel can generate any number of “RFQs” for a single requirement.

Can a Buyer ignore a “Quote”?

Yes a buyer can ignore a “Quote”, the ignored quote will automatically be deleted after the validity date of the “quote”.

Can a Buyer reject a “Quote”?

Yes, a buyer can reject a Quote, the rejected quote will be immediately deleted.

Can a buyer cancel an order?

No, the buyer cannot cancel the order once the order is issued and sent to the seller. In such a case where the buyer wants to cancel an order after issuing the order to the seller, the buyer can contact our support team.

Can other buyers see my purchase price?

No, a buyer’s purchase price for any order is not visible to other buyers on Buyofuel.

Is there any action against buyers who place an order and then don’t accept the execution of the order?

The admin of Buyofuel reserves the right to de-register any buyer who doesn’t accept execution of orders after placing the order.

What is the security for any advance payment made by the buyer?

All payments through Buyofuel are done using unique virtual account numbers generated by a proprietary tech and through the actual netbanking platform of Reserve bank registered banks. Further, our escrow mechanism will ensure that the advance payment gets credited into the seller’s account only after the seller legally commits a dispatch date and/or vehicle number for executing the order on Buyofuel. Further, the different payment terms options available on Buyofuel are structured in a way to give ample security for the payment of the buyer.

How long does the system maintain expired RFQ, Quotes, and Counter-offers?

The system maintains the expired RFQ, Quotes and Counter Offer for up to 31 days, before permanently deleting it.

When is a user classified as an inactive user?

In case any user doesn’t buy/sell through Buyofuel a reasonably long time then the user might be classified as an inactive user.

What action is taken on inactive users?

The admin reserves the right to de-register any inactive user.

What to do, if the buyer wants to return the product but has already made full payment for the product?

Not to worry. The buyer can reject the completion of the order and raise a dispute with the admin and return the product. As the complete transaction is tracked and documented on Buyofuel, the seller will be legally tracked to make complete return of all payment received from the buyer. Further, the different payment terms options and the escrow option for final payment available on Buyofuel are structured in a way to give ample security for the payment of the buyer.

What to do in case of any dispute?

In case of any dispute, the buyer/seller can contact the admin through Buyofuel itself or by mail and raise a dispute with necessary details on Buyofuel. The Buyofuel team will engage its legal and other team and ensure that the dispute is resolved within committed time. The Buyofuel team will ensure that the buyer/seller are continuously updated about the status of the dispute and will take confirmation from the buyer/seller on the resolution of the dispute.

Is there a limit on the number of orders on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis?

No, there is no limit on the number of orders on a daily/weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis.

How secure is the buyer’s payment in transactions through Buyofuel?

The buyer pays for the fuel by transferring money via IMPS, NEFT and RTGS from his bank account to Buyofuel’s bank account. There is no need to share or enter bank account details with Buyofuel which makes the transactions on Buyofuel more secure.

How secure is the payment gateway?
  1. All services and the website is secured via TLS 2.0 protocol
  2. Oauth 2.0 spec-based authentication (highest level of authentication security in the industry)
How secure are my account details?
  1. Your bank account details are encrypted before saving in the database. And the encryption keys used are stored in the database which is again encrypted. Both bank account details and the database used to store encryption keys are encrypted using AES 256.
How trustable are the sellers in Buyofuel?

Buyofuel verifies and validates all registered sellers and hence ensure that the Buyofuel team is actively involved in the validation of all the details provided by any seller. Hence the idea of Buyofuel is to ensure that only genuine sellers are part of Buyofuel.

Can I use Buyofuel in my mobile?

Yes, you can. Buyofuel is mobile responsive and can be used on all devices supporting the latest browser.

Whom do I contact for any query or problem while using Buyofuel?

There is a detailed FAQ section and “User manual” in the Buyofuel platform. Any registered user is free to access these for ready reference for their queries. For any other queries, any registered user can contact the Buyofuel team through the “Contact us” details given in the Buyofuel platform.

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