Tyre oil

Introducing Tyre Oil or Bio Furnace Oil – a premium blend of renewable natural oils, ideal for oil-fired furnaces and boilers. Crafted from rubber and tyre waste via pyrolysis, this eco-friendly fuel burns at a lower temperature, leaving minimal toxic residue. With excellent viscosity and high combustion value, Bio Furnace Oil is your smart, sustainable choice for superior performance and reduced environmental impact.

Gross Calorific Value

9500 ~ 10500 kcal/kg


Specific Gravity

0.90 ~ 0.95



15 ~ 20 cSt

Bio-Furnace Oil (Bio-FO) or Tyre Oil Making

The tyres or rubber components are first shredded into small bits and then cooked in an oxygen-free atmosphere to a temperature of roughly 400-500°C during the pyrolysis process. As a result, the substance degrades into smaller hydrocarbon molecules, which are subsequently condensed and collected as liquid oil.

Bio-Furnace Oil Applications

Bio Furnace Oil is used mostly in furnaces to generate high heat in industries such as steel, aluminum and others especially to melt metals. Advantageously, the tyre oil has greater viscosity that allows the fluids to flow easily without any pre-heating.

Bio-Furnace Oil Market

Several Bio Furnace Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, and Dealers in India are widespread. Our platform integrates everyone under one roof for access to all.

Bio-Furnace Oil Advantages


Viable Alternative


High Calorific Value


Great Viscosity


No-Preheating Required

Bio-Furnace Oil

Bio Furnace Oil, a blend made from high-quality, renewable, and sustainable natural oils. Specifically designed for optimal performance in oil-fired furnaces, boilers, and various combustion appliances, Bio Furnace Oil stands as a testament to innovation in the energy sector. Derived from the pyrolysis process of rubber and tyre waste, Bio Furnace Oil not only redefines the concept of waste utilization but also sets a new standard for eco-friendly fuel. Burning at a lower temperature compared to conventional fuels, it leaves behind minimal toxic residue and fumes, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. Whether you’re a bio furnace oil manufacturer in India to align with the eco-friendly movement or require bio furnace oil for your business, look no further. Opt for the sustainable switch with us and actively contribute to fostering a cleaner environment.


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