Prasad P Nair

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing & Customer Success

Experience: Raw Hawk Fuels, Popular Hyundai


Prasad P Nair stands as a versatile professional with a wealth of experience as a Co-Founder and now serves as the Head of Marketing at Buyofuel. Leveraging his extensive expertise in product development, marketing strategies, business development, and customer success, he is a critical force behind driving the exponential growth and resounding growth of the company.

Prior to his journey with Buyofuel, Prasad founded RawHawk Fuels, an innovative venture that streamlined the supply chain for used cooking oil (UCO) to biodiesel plants in Kerala, India. Guided by mentor Kishan, Prasad gained an in-depth understanding of the biofuels industry and established a robust ecosystem for biofuels.

From the platform’s inception, he deftly managed critical operational facets, including the sourcing and sales of various biofuel products and contributed to a significant amount of ARR%. Prasad’s instrumental role in product development has now transitioned seamlessly into leading the marketing efforts with exceptional success rates. His strategic vision and expertise in marketing have been instrumental in developing several innovative solutions that connect the dots between all biofuel stakeholders.

Prasad holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Nehru College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. Outside of his professional pursuits, Prasad enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest podcasts and indulges in esports during his leisure time.s.

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