60 MM Biomass Briquettes at Best Price

60mm Biomass Briquettes
As the world is becoming conscious of increasing emissions and climate change, sustainable alternatives like biomass are gaining prominence. Biomass refers to the fuel developed from organic wastes, including plant, forest, animal, and municipal residuals.

The blog presents detailed information on the evolving trends in the manufacture of biomass briquettes and the pricing trends.

Biomass Briquettes: Turning Waste Into Energy

Biomass briquettes are produced by grinding the biomass into fine pieces, followed by densification and drying. They are finally made into a proper shape which can be rectangular, cylindrical, spherical, cubical, etc. The outer diameter of biomass briquettes varies between 50 and 100 mm, the length varies between 60 mm and 150 mm in size, and the aperture is 15 to 20 mm. The briquettes’ price per kg varies based on size, shape, and composition.

The actual size and shape of the biomass briquettes vary based on the final usage and the purpose.

Because of higher density and lower moisture, biomass pellets and briquettes have a higher combustion efficiency and can be used as a cooking and heating fuel. They serve as an efficient alternative to coal and wood.

Wood briquettes which are made from wood chips and wood shavings are the most common. However, it must be noted that biomass briquettes can be made from several other organic materials, including groundnut shells, rice straw products, coir pith, coffee husk, cotton stalks, peanut husk, municipal wastes, mustard briquettes, and other agricultural residues.

Biomass briquettes price trends

Biomass briquettes are one of the cheapest sources of fuel and energy. Fossil fuels are highly expensive because they are hard to source, and geographic and climatic conditions bind their availability. Also, oil wells and gas pipelines demand huge upfront investments. Because biomass is produced from plant and forest wastes, they are less expensive than fossil fuels. So, biomass briquettes’ price is lower than that of fossil fuels.

Because they are cheaper, biomass pellets and briquettes have become an important fuel in developing economies.

In 2022, the global biomass briquette market was valued at USD 498 million, which in turn is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.15% and reach USD 797 million by 2028. As the countries march forward to attain their NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) laid down by the United Nations, fossil fuel alternatives like biomass briquettes are expected to grow further.

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