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Cutting costs and carbon emissions? Biomass briquettes make it possible! Created from repurposed sawdust, agricultural leftovers, and biomass, they offer a sustainable, efficient fuel source that performs equivalent to coal in longevity and heat.

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How to find the best biomass briquette?

What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

Heat generated via combustion. Higher the number, higher the heat energy.

Moisture Content


Water content, a fire adversary. Lesser the moisture, easier to light.

ash icon

Ash Content

Burnt briquette residues. Lesser the ash, better the burning.

Sawdust Briquettes

Sawdust briquettes, formed by compressing sawdust with its binders like clay, starch or molasses, provide a sustainable outlet for discarded sawdust. This biofuel, sourced from renewable wood, burns efficiently and leaves minimal ash, making it a responsible choice for fueling needs.

Groundnut Shells at Best Price in India

Groundnut Briquettes

Derived from groundnuts and a mix of organic elements like charcoal and sawdust, groundnut briquettes are cylindrical fuel blocks. With a higher heat yield and versatility, they offer an efficient alternative fuel choice. Their production is simple, utilizing common ingredients for an eco-conscious solution.
Groundnut Shells at Best Price in India

Coffee Husk Briquettes

Crafted from dried coffee bean husks and compacted into briquettes, coffee husk briquettes offer a green alternative to traditional fuels. Sourced from renewable coffee resources, these briquettes burn cleanly and do not contribute to pollution, making them an practical eco-fuel option.
What are woodchips used for?

Wood Chips Briquettes

Wood chips briquettes, made from compressed wood chips of hardwood species like oak, maple, birch, and hickory, provide a biofuel option. They yield a clean, smokeless flame with a high heat output and long burn time, making them a reliable fuel source for various applications.
What are woodchips used for?

Rice Husk Briquettes

Rice husk briquettes are compressed biomass fuels created by compressing rice husks, the shells separated from harvested rice grains. After drying, these husks are compressed into briquettes or pellets. Offering a sustainable and renewable option, rice husk briquettes produce minimal air pollution compared to traditional fuels like wood, coal, and oil.

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