India’s Mantra to Win Big: “Innovate, Innovate, Innovate”

India’s Mantra to Win Big “Innovate, Innovate, Innovate”
Am I trying to talk up, us Indians? Yes. Because we need a lot of it, right now. There is a huge crowd of people—Indians and outsiders including the media spewing constant negativity about us.

Through my window to the world outside, all I hear is, “Indians are the worst”, “Indians are a big failure” and whatnot. But NO, we are not the worst and definitely not a failure. We must take a stand and show them what we are. For if not, these negative voices will define us forever.

India is going through a tough phase, yes. Lot of things that should have been avoided are happening. But we cannot let this period bog us down. Together, as a nation, we have successfully tided over several dark times in history. There is no reason we will not walk out of this one too. And more importantly, what we learn from this fall and how we stand back up will be what defines us.

Once the pandemic passes, and the challenge of saving lives is triumphed, another battle is waiting for us—the loss of livelihoods and its economic impact. Since 2020, it is estimated that more than 200 million Indians have lost their jobs and are suffering without their daily-roti.

I passionately believe that INNOVATION is the only key to unlocking the challenge of restoring livelihoods. Incorporating innovation into all sectors—agricultural, social, technological, policymaking, scientific, local, state, and national levels of governmental operation is the easiest way out. And entrepreneurship will be the primary vehicle of innovation in India.

The allied forces of innovation and entrepreneurship will define India.

Our nation has proved itself as a paradigm of innovation with many ground-breaking achievements, this year and last.

The made-in-India COVID vaccine—Zycov D by Zydus Cadilais expected to launch soon. Along with Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, our country is among the first countries to have already developed 2 or more vaccines. Bharat Biotech’s intranasal vaccine is also in its advanced stages of development.

The anti-COVID drug by DRDO and Zydus’s Virafinare approved for emergency use. Only a few countries have achieved this feat. Further, the Indian Institute of Science has developed a low cost and high efficiency oxygen concentrator to fight COVID. Their innovation is one of its kind and has brought down the cost to 1/10th of its original price. 

This shows that inventiveness flows in India and we Indians are inborn with creativity. We can innovate faster and better than any country in the world despite being an emerging and developing country (EDC).

The fact that India has the third highest number of unicorns in 2021 further strengthens proof of our innovative nature. All these startups have strongly differentiated themselves with the power of innovation by their side.

India is not the back office of the world. India is worthy of becoming the world’s innovation and entrepreneurship hub.

From technological to societal, innovation fuels startups and has been fundamental to their victories. When innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, India will rise, there is no doubting that.

Implementing Atal Tinkering Labs in schools and Atal Incubation Centers (AIC) in colleges across India are extraordinarily appreciable. These initiatives support and nurture innovation in children right from the early days and are set to revolutionize the ecosystem in our country. There are many such upcoming policies and I trust we are on the right path ahead.

Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation has gained momentum in the last few years. So much so that India is currently ranked 7th in the global patent filing index by WIPO. India can very well navigate to the top of this ranking, provided innovation becomes an integral part of Indian society.

Constant innovation will make us a self-sufficient nation. Innovation is the answer for a robust hyperlocal economy. Innovate for a resilient healthcare infrastructure. Innovate for green India and better waste management. Innovate to enhance access to the bottom of the pyramid. Innovate to enrich agricultural advancement. Innovate for a healthy India. Briefly—innovate, innovate, innovate.