Inside Buyofuel’s Marketing Magic: Meet the Team Making It Happen

Enough with the informative blogs, right? Even our boss wanted a change, so he suggested we write something fun and candid about ourselves. Well, the idea got shot up faster than a rocket! But fear not, I’ll make sure this blog stays engaging without the usual self-praise.
Today, it’s all about us—the marketing team at Buyofuel. Before you roll your eyes and click away, I promise this won’t be a brag-fest (well, mostly). So, if you’re curious about who we are behind the scenes, stick around. There’s more to us than meets the eye, even if we’re just a team of nine pulling off big things together.

Sumanth Selvarasu

Sumanth is our super boss, doubling as our Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer. His active involvement never fails to show us how much he loves his job. Since high school, he started developing projects early on and never settled for less.
This drive led him to co-found Buyofuel, where he made a significant impact. His top-notch skills in marketing and technology, combined with his passion for sustainability, allow him to lead initiatives that advance green fuel adoption.
His day starts very early with a shot of digital campaign reviews and a flurry of meetings. After a midday break, he syncs up with our tech and product teams. Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for product strategy marathons.
He wraps up around 5:00 PM—unless there’s a deadline to meet. Undoubtedly, he is a true book enthusiast who absolutely loves the selections from HBR Publications. Accessible anytime, he’s the pillar of our team, offering references, ideas, and knowledge at a moment’s notice.
Communication is his superpower, using Slack and Google Meets to keep things running smoothly. The hybrid work model suits him, though fully remote work can sometimes be a hassle (although secretly, he enjoys the home office vibe!).
He’s an optimist when it comes to technology, leveraging its best features in his daily work routine. Tools like Things3, Google Workspace, Slack, Bear, Freeform, MindNode, and ChatGPT keep him organized and on track. Outside of work, he’s a podcast lover, a regular at sustainability conferences, and never misses a month without a new book—all while staying updated on social media trends.

Arun Kumar R J

Arun sets the bar high with his unwavering punctuality, whether it’s logging in, logging off, or meeting deadlines—he’s always on point. Even during emergencies, he’s the one who steps up, putting in those extra hours of work, even if it’s not his favorite thing to do.
He thrives in his role’s responsibilities, especially when it comes to managing our team and fostering collaboration. Arun is passionate about Buyofuel’s sustainability values, which he never fails to emphasize.
He divides his time between the office and home, managing a hybrid work schedule with ease. Starting his day promptly at 9:00 AM (yes, before the official office hours begin at 9:30 AM), he wraps up around 5:50 PM.
Arun’s days are filled with content strategy brainstorming, lead discussions, campaign management, social media oversight, and ensuring our team’s projects are on track.
Beyond work, Arun is a dedicated movie enthusiast, always sharing hidden gems with us. He keeps himself updated through LinkedIn and enjoys the balance that hybrid work offers, allowing him to stay connected without sacrificing personal time.
Arun’s organizational skills are top-notch, evident in his meticulous data management—even if it means having a few too many tabs open in his browser as his unique way of staying organized.

Sanjeev Ram

The designer of our house – throw him anything, he would come up with a stunning design output. A perfectionist who never settles for less than the ideal design he envisions.
When asked about his favorite part of the job, he surprises with his answer—the sublime feeling he gets out of the creation (As usual not without boasting about his fantastic team).
He is quite comfortable with his hybrid work mode, alternating between office and home for three days each. His design expertise covers a wide range at Buyofuel, from social media posters to campaign ads, web graphics, blogs, internal team posters, Expo designs, and print media like brochures, business cards, and magazines—he does it all and more.
He doesn’t have a set work routine; it’s all about meeting deadlines, especially the last-minute ones. He’s always ready to jump into action, working late or even on weekends during emergencies.
He’s always in tune with the latest design trends, browsing social media apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration. With tools like Freepik and Flat Icons, he crafts stunning designs and stays on top of his tasks and communication using Slack.
Interestingly, he is very well-organized and meticulous when it comes to his work. On a hobby note, he’s a passionate video gamer and a die-hard football fan.


Writing about myself feels a bit odd, but here goes—I’m the writer of our team. Excuse the awkward intro; explaining about myself makes me a tad nervous. Anyway, I’m passionate about writing in all its forms, from blogs to email templates and social media content. I really enjoy what I do, and being part of such an amazing team is just the icing on the cake!
My day typically kicks off around 9:30 am like most people. I like to mix things up with regular breaks to avoid monotony, unless there’s a looming deadline (that’s when my writing skills kick into high gear!).
To stay on track, I focus on writing during the morning and save research and team coordination for the afternoon. I’m currently fully remote, although I’m a fan of the hybrid work setup. I keep in touch with the team through phone calls and use my laptop’s sticky notes to stay organized.
My mind is constantly buzzing with ideas for writing—I can’t seem to switch it off, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I find the creative process truly enjoyable.
I picked up data organization skills on the fly at Buyofuel, and now I keep all my work data neatly organized. I aim for clean writing from the start to minimize editing, which saves me a ton of time.
In my spare time, I’m an avid reader and internet surfer, always seeking ways to enhance my writing skills. Lately, I’ve also taken an interest in cooking and binge-watching series outside of work hours.


Our newest team member brings a cheerful energy as our Executive Assistant for Sustainability and Marketing Strategy. She’s thrilled with her role, merging her organizational skills with a passion for sustainability and building impactful networks within the community.
She’s at the office five days a week and works from home one day, making communication a breeze. Her day usually begins at 9:30 AM with email checks and a quest to enhance Buyofuel’s visibility. Alongside managing the PR part of our team, she’s deeply involved in our sustainability efforts. To break the routine, she engages with colleagues and actively participates in office activities.
She’s a bit old-school when it comes to staying organized – Guess how? Exactly, jotting the tasks down on a paper and striking them out when they are completed. She says it gives her immense satisfaction on such accomplishment.
Also, she loves to practice Kathak, yeh! A dancer in our shy team. Otherwise, she is always researching and scrolling through LinkedIn to keep herself updated.


A dedicated mother of two, she never shies away from her responsibilities. As our telecaller, she takes pride in her work and enjoys every bit of it. Her role involves making sales calls to potential business clients, generating valuable leads, and building strong relationships with customers, thanks to her multilingual skills and exceptional rapport-building abilities.
She is currently working from home. She typically starts her day at 9:45 am and finishes around 6:30 PM. She takes breaks in between since her schedule is flexible that allows her to work with convenience and complete the regular tasks assigned (she does a lot of calls, I mean a lot!)
While juggling multiple calls can be challenging, she maintains balance and composure. She primarily communicates with the team via phone calls and uses tools like Slack and Buyofuel Admin Panel to stay organized and manage data efficiently.
To break the monotony, she enjoys watching YouTube videos and spends quality time with her kids whenever she can—truly a supermom balancing work and family.


Suriya, our website developer, is the chill vibe of our team. He’s always ready to work, never lazy—once he’s on a task, he sees it through.
He finds immense fulfillment in his role, especially when bringing concepts to life online. Turning ideas into functional platforms is what he loves most about his work.
He works entirely in a remote mode. He usually starts his day just like everyone else by checking off emails and having discussions with the team for any updates. He communicates mostly using slack and phone calls. Grinningly, he says there are no challenges since he is working from home and able to manage the work-life balance peacefully without any hassle. He also doesn’t use any specific tools and simply jot down the tasks via phone notepads to be on track.
He’s into fitness and tries to stick to a diet (though not always!). He enjoys spending time with his dog and often goes out for lunch or coffee outings. To stay informed, he reads articles and watches YouTube videos.


Introducing our SEO specialist, the driving force behind our online success. She’s powered by a passion for sustainability startups and thrives in our fantastic team environment.
Working fully remote, she tackles content planning, Google My Business optimizations, guest blogging for backlinks, and traffic analysis.
Her core hours run from 9 am to 6 pm, but the flexibility of remote work allows her to balance priorities efficiently.Communication-wise, she stays connected via phone calls every other day, fostering a strong team bond beyond office hours. Her toolkit is vital to her role, and she’s always on top of the latest tools and techniques.
Outside of work, she’s a dedicated mom (our other supermom!) who cherishes family time on weekends. Currently expanding her skills with a PowerBI course, she stays updated through LinkedIn and industry newsletters, nurturing a robust professional network.


Meet Naveen, our very recent addition to the team, serving as a tele executive with a pivotal role in our business operations. He’s tasked with validating business leads, managing lead requirement groups, and diligently following up with clients for overdue payments. He’s quite fond of his job role and enjoys the collaboration with the team.
Naveen typically works in the office five days a week and enjoys one day of remote work. While he adheres to office hours, his flexible schedule allows him to prioritize tasks effectively. During breaks, he unwinds by watching YouTube videos, adding a bit of fun to his routine.
For data management, he relies on Buyofuel’s organization tools and stays updated through social media platforms to upgrade his skills and network.
We’re proud to say we have a fantastic team. This mutual sense of coordination has fostered trust and respect among us, resulting in exceptional deliverables. As a team, we feel stronger and more united than ever. We’re proud because each person brings a unique flair of creativity and capability into our marketing efforts. During down times, we motivate each other, offering support while still respecting our personal space. It’s this balance that makes us not just a team, but a family.
We’re excited to introduce our team and share the stories behind our success. Stay tuned, as we plan to feature every single person from every team at Buyofuel, showcasing the incredible individuals driving our mission forward.