Pioneer a Sustainable Change: Connect with Buyofuel this Environment Day

The environment is our most precious asset, yet it faces unprecedented challenges due to rising global temperatures. While we can’t turn back time, we can nurture forests, revive water sources, and rejuvenate soil health. At Buyofuel, we embrace innovation and sustainability as our guiding principles, striving to create a meaningful impact and drive environmental transformation.
Our platform for biofuels and waste transactions is designed to promote a circular economy, where every action contributes to a greener tomorrow. In 2024, we launched Buyo Projects, a new division committed to assisting entrepreneurs in establishing biofuel ventures, including biomass briquette and biodiesel production.
We offer comprehensive support, from infrastructure setup to raw material procurement, sales strategies, and even an inventory app to streamline operations. With us, investing in sustainable business practices is not just a choice—it’s a smart investment in a better future.
Additionally, through the Indian government’s Biomass Program, you can access Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of up to Rs. 9 Lakhs per MTPH manufacturing capacity, empowering your journey towards eco-friendly entrepreneurship.
This World Environment Day, join us in our mission to turn back the clock on environmental degradation. Buyofuel has already connected over 1,300 waste suppliers and 500+ biofuel manufacturers, facilitating 12,000 tonnes of biofuels transactions monthly. We’ve also reduced CO2 emissions by 70,000 MT since 2021 and aim to slash 300,000 MT by 2024-25. By partnering with the Isha Foundation Cauvery Calling Initiative, we actively contribute to tree plantation efforts, having planted over 5000 trees and counting. If we can do this much, together, We Can Do So Much More.
Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about our initiatives. Explore the Buyo Projects page to collaborate or inquire about starting your own sustainable venture. Embrace curiosity—join us in building a cleaner, greener future.