What is Chicken Tallow Oil?

Chicken tallow oil or chicken fat, is a type of animal fat that is derived from the fatty tissue of chickens. It is a byproduct of the poultry processing industry and is typically obtained by rendering the chicken fat.

How chicken tallow oil is used in biofuels?

Chicken tallow oil is used as a feedstock for the production of biodiesel. It is heated and mixed with an alcohol and a catalyst to undergo transesterification, which results in the production of biodiesel and glycerin as a byproduct. The mixture is then separated and the biodiesel is washed and dried to remove any remaining impurities. The resulting biodiesel can be used as a substitute for traditional diesel fuel in various applications which reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to a more sustainable energy future.


Chicken tallow oil is primarily used as a raw material for biodiesel production in the biofuel industry. Chicken tallow oil is a versatile component that is used in various industries such as soap, cosmetics, leather and many more.


India is one of the world’s largest poultry producers, and as such, chicken tallow oil has the potential to be a valuable resource in the country’s biofuel industry. India has been exploring the use of chicken tallow oil as a feedstock for biodiesel production in recent years. Still, further research is needed to address the challenges associated with its production, quality, and availability.


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Chicken Tallow Oil

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