Turmeric Spent

A groundbreaking biofuel, Turmeric Spent, is innovatively derived from the waste of turmeric production. This loose biomass stands as an optimal solution for individuals aiming to diminish their carbon footprint while enjoying the perks of clean energy. Offering sustainability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, Turmeric Spent embodies an eco-friendly energy alternative. With its distinctive properties and remarkable efficiency, Turmeric Spent emerges as the ultimate solution for your sustainable energy requirements.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

3000 ~ 3400 kcal/kg

Moisture Content

Moisture Content

30 ~ 40%

What is in ash content?

Ash Content


Turmeric Spent Extraction Process

Turmeric powder can be extracted using several different methods, including solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, microwave assisted extraction and steam distillation. These methods leave behind residues called turmeric spent, which are considered to be insoluble waste.
Turmeric Spent Powder Manufacturers & Supplier in India
Turmeric Spent Powder Manufacturers & Supplier in India

Turmeric Spent Applications

Turmeric waste can be dried and processed into a fine powder or small bits, which are burned directly as a fuel source in industrial furnaces or boilers. This loose biomass can also be used as a raw material to manufacture briquettes or pellets, which are then burned directly in place of coal to produce heat and electricity.
Turmeric Spent Powder Manufacturers & Supplier in India

Turmeric Spent Potentiality and Market

The potential of turmeric spent to produce bioethanol has been noted by several studies—however, the process is still in its experimental phase. Therefore, the potential for turmeric spent as a feedstock is great and demand continues to increase. Need to buy or sell turmeric spent? Get personalized assistance from our platform.
Turmeric Spent Powder Manufacturers & Supplier in India



Renewable and Sustainable

High Calorific Value

Economic feasibility

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Turmeric Spent, a biofuel crafted from turmeric production waste. This loose biomass offers an ideal solution for reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying clean, sustainable energy. Easy to use and cost-effective, Turmeric Spent is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative. Discover a reliable Turmeric Spent Supplier from our platform for your sustainable energy needs.


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