Rice Husk

Rice husk is the outer layer of the rice grain, which is separated during the milling process. It is a hard, protective covering that encases the rice grain and is composed of silica, lignin, and cellulose. Rice husk is typically removed from the rice grain using a rice milling machine.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

3000 ~ 3500 kcal/kg

Moisture Content

Moisture Content

15 ~ 20% 

What is in ash content?

Ash Content

15 ~ 20%

Rice Husk Extraction Process

Rice husk is extracted from rice grains using a rice milling machine. The process involves first cleaning the rice to remove any impurities, such as dust and stones. Then, the rice grains are fed into a milling machine where the outer layer of the rice grain, i.e., the rice husk, is removed using either a rubber roller or an abrasive grinding wheel. The rice husk is then separated from the rice grains using a blower or an air separator. The extracted rice husk can then be further processed and used for various purposes.
rice husk products manufacturer
rice husk products manufacturer

Rice Husk Applications

The extracted or processed rice husk can be burned directly as a fuel in industrial boilers. Also, these rice husk can also be used as feedstock to manufacture briquettes or pellets, the compressed solid form used as a substitute for coal in the industrial process to generate heat and electricity.
rice husk products manufacturer

Rice Husk Potentiality and Market

India being one of the top two rice producing countries accounts for more than half of the global rice production. It is estimated that around 20% of the world’s rice production generates rice husk. Hence, the potentiality is undeniable. Since several countries began to utilize it as biofuel feedstock, the demand is growing.
rice husk products manufacturer


High Calorific Value

Less Ash



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