Groundnut Briquettes

Groundnut briquettes are a type of biomass briquette made from groundnut shells. Groundnut is a popular crop grown worldwide, and the shells left over after harvesting the nuts can be used to produce fuel.

Groundnut briquette process

To make groundnut briquettes, the groundnut shells are first cleaned and dried to remove any dirt or moisture. The shells are then crushed into small pieces and mixed with a binder, such as sawdust or starch, to help hold the briquettes together. The mixture is then fed into a briquetting machine, which applies high pressure and temperature to compress the mixture into briquettes of a specific shape and size. The briquettes are then cooled and can be stored for use as a fuel source.


Groundnut briquettes are typically made from a combination of groundnut shells and a binding agent. The binding agent is added to the groundnut shells to help hold the briquettes together and improve their durability. The binding agent used in groundnut briquettes can vary, depending on availability and cost. Common binding agents include sawdust, and other organic materials. The exact combination of groundnut shells and binding agent can also vary depending on the desired characteristics of the briquettes.

Potentiality and Market

The demand for biofuels is growing rapidly and there is an increasing need for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Groundnut briquettes are a very good alternative because they are made from a waste product that would otherwise be discarded or burned off in fields; they can be used as fuel or as fertilizer.




High Calorific Value

Less Ash Residue

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