Rice Husk briquettes

Rice husk briquette is a type of biomass briquette made from rice husk, the outer layer of rice grains that is separated during the milling process.

Rice Husk briquette process

To make rice husk briquettes, the rice husk is first collected and then undergoes a process of cleaning, drying, and carbonization. The carbonization process involves heating the rice husk in a low-oxygen environment to remove moisture and volatile organic compounds, leaving behind a carbon-rich material that can be used as a fuel source. The carbonized rice husk is then mixed with a binder, such as cassava starch or molasses, to hold the briquette together. The mixture is then compressed under high pressure using a briquetting machine to form the final briquette shape.
Rice Husk Briquettes Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Rice Husk Briquettes Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


Rice husk briquettes are a combination of rice husks, sawdust, and other waste materials. The combination of rice husk and binder used to create the briquettes can be adjusted to achieve specific properties, such as its energy density, ash content, and combustion characteristics.
Rice Husk Briquettes Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Potentiality and Market

The potentiality for rice husk briquettes is huge. They are already used as a substitute for coal in many places around the world, and they have many advantages over coal.
Rice Husk Briquettes Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


High Calorific Value




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