Wood Chips briquettes

Wood chip briquettes are a type of biomass fuel. They are made from compressed sawdust, ground wood waste, and other materials.

Wood Chips briquette process

Wood chips briquettes are made by compressing wood chips into a solid form. The process starts with the raw material: wood chips. These are first dried and then heated in a pressurized chamber, which is then pressed into briquettes using hydraulic presses or similar machines.


Wood chip briquettes are typically made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings that have been dried and compacted under high pressure without the use of any binders or chemicals. The exact combination of wood chips and shavings used to create the briquettes can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the briquettes.

Potentiality and Market

The potentiality for wood chips briquette can vary depending on factors such as region, availability of raw materials, and demand for alternative fuel sources. In fact, the market for wood chips briquettes has been growing in recent years, particularly in regions where there is a strong focus on sustainability and renewable energy..


High Energy Density


Low Emission


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