Sawdust Briquettes

Sawdust briquettes are a type of fuel made from compressed sawdust, which is the residue left over from woodworking operations such as sawing, milling, and sanding.

Sawdust briquette process

The sawdust is mixed with a binding agent, typically a natural binder such as starch, and then pressed into small, dense blocks or logs using a briquette press.
Sawdust Briquette Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Sawdust Briquette Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


The combination or ratio of ingredients used to make sawdust briquettes can vary depending on the manufacturer or the desired properties of the final product. However, in general, sawdust briquettes are typically made by compressing sawdust and other biomass materials with a binding agent which are starch, molasses, and clay.

The ratio of sawdust to binding agent can also vary, but a typical ratio is about 70% sawdust to 30% binding agent by weight. Other additives such as charcoal, wood chips, and other natural materials can also be added to the mixture to enhance the burning properties and overall quality of the briquettes.

Sawdust Briquette Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Potentiality and Market

The market for sawdust briquettes is currently limited, but it is growing exponentially. The reason for this is because sawdust briquettes are an environmentally-friendly alternative to coal and other fossil fuels and also help reduce emissions while also saving money on energy costs.
Sawdust Briquette Manufacturers & Suppliers in India




High Energy Density

Less Ash Residue

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Unleash the potential of biofuel with biomass briquettes.

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