Coffee Husk

Coffee husk is the outer layer of the coffee bean that is removed during the processing of coffee. It is a byproduct of coffee production and can be used for various purposes.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

3200 ~ 3600 kcal/kg

Moisture Content

Moisture Content


What is in ash content?

Ash Content


Coffee Husk Extraction Process

Coffee husks are removed from coffee cherries through processing, which usually involves separating the outer layers (pulp, skin) from the inner layers by either wet or dry methods. In the wet processing method, coffee cherries are soaked in water to soften the outer layers and then a machine is used to remove them. While in dry processing, the coffee cherries are dried in the sun, and then their outer layers (the pulp) are removed using a machine. The coffee husks are then separated from other waste material by water, gravity or sieving.
coffee Husk Price
coffee Husk Price

Coffee Husk Applications

Coffee husk can be converted into solid biofuels such as pellets or briquettes, which can be used as a replacement for fossil fuels in heating systems or power plants. It can also be used in gasification to produce a syngas that can be used to generate electricity or as a fuel for industrial processes.
coffee Husk Price

Coffee Husk Potentiality and Market

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coffee husk price


Easy Accessibility

High-Energy Content


Economically Viable

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