Eucalyptus Wood Chips

Eucalyptus wood chips are produced from eucalyptus logs and are vital materials in paper production and bioenergy. They’re burned as biomass fuel for heat or turned into pellets for power and heating. With their sustainable, high-energy nature and fast growth, eucalyptus wood chips help cut emissions, boost economies, and provide eco-friendly energy.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

2900 kcal/kg
Moisture Content

Moisture Content

What is in ash content?

Ash Content


Eucalyptus Wood Chips Extraction Process

The extraction process of eucalyptus wood chips begins with the selective harvesting of mature trees from plantations or forests. After transportation to processing facilities, the logs undergo debarking to remove the outer layer. Subsequently, specialized equipment chips or shreds the debarked logs into small pieces. Optionally, the eucalyptus wood chips may undergo a drying process to reduce moisture content.

Eucalyptus Wood Chips Application

Eucalyptus wood chips find diverse applications across industries and sectors. Primarily, they serve as a vital raw material in paper production due to their high cellulose content and strong fibers. Additionally, they play a crucial role in bioenergy production, serving as biomass fuel for generating heat and electricity or converted into wood pellets for use in power plants or residential heating systems.

Eucalyptus Wood Chips Potentiality and Market

Eucalyptus wood chips hold significant promise in diverse industries and markets. With global sustainability initiatives driving demand, the market for these chips is set for growth. Whether you’re buying or selling, our platform connects you with eucalyptus wood chips suppliers and manufacturers across India, ensuring access to quality products and business opportunities.



High Calorific Value






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Eucalyptus wood chips offer eco-friendly fuel solutions. Whether used for heat or converted into pellets, they support emission reduction and economic growth. Our platform links you with eucalyptus wood chips suppliers and manufacturers nationwide, providing quality products and business opportunities. Join us today for benefits or simply fill out the form, and we’ll reach out shortly.


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