Groundnut Shell

Groundnut shells, the outer layer of peanuts, serve as a valuable biofuel source. By compressing them into biomass briquettes or processing them into high-energy pellets, groundnut shells offer eco-friendly alternatives for heating and power generation. The utilization not only addresses agricultural waste management but also contributes to reducing dependence on non-renewable fuels, aligning with sustainable energy practices.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

3800-4400 Kcal/kg
Moisture Content

Moisture Content

10 ~ 12%
What is in ash content?

Ash Content

8 ~ 12%

Groundnut Shell Extraction Process

The extraction of groundnut shells from groundnut involves harvesting, uprooting or shaking to loosen the peanuts, drying for shell hardening, threshing for separation, and winnowing to remove shells using air currents. The cleaned and graded peanuts are stored, while the separated shells, considered byproducts, may undergo additional processing for applications like biofuel production, depending on specific needs and technologies.

Groundnut Shell Applications

Groundnut shells are commonly used as loose biomass in industrial boilers for direct burning. They are also employed as a raw material for producing biofuels, specifically briquettes or pellets, serving as a direct replacement for coal in industrial heating systems

Groundnut Shell Market and Potentiality

Groundnut, hailed as the “king of oilseeds” in India. With two annual harvests in March and October, it is a staple food and vital cash crop. Despite its nutritional richness, groundnut remains economically priced, leading to substantial groundnut shell residues. As the interest in utilizing these shells for biofuels grows, attracting private investments and government initiatives, it highlights the potential of groundnut shells for sustainable energy solutions. Whether you’re a groundnut shell manufacturer or interested in knowing about groundnut shell price per kg, check out the opportunities with us.
Groundnut shell Market



Easily Available

High Calorific Value


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Groundnut shells, a by-product of groundnut processing, are separated from the kernels during the shelling process. These shells, known for their high energy density, serve as an excellent source of carbon-neutral fuel, making them an environmentally friendly alternative. The combustion of groundnut shells produces energy without emitting harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. With convenient storage and transport attributes, groundnut shells prove to be an ideal choice for various applications, including powering plants, industrial boilers, and biofuel production.


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