Mango Seeds

Mango seeds, found within the pit of mango fruits, are often discarded from food processing industries. These seeds serve as a sustainable biomass fuel source for boilers, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and GHG emissions. Their rich nutritional profile and versatile applications, mango seeds offer a promising opportunity to promote sustainability and economic growth.


What is called calorific value?

Gross Calorific Value

3255 kcal/kg
Moisture Content

Moisture Content

What is in ash content?

Ash Content


Mango Seeds Extraction Process

Mango seeds often end up as waste in food processing, where the surrounding flesh is removed for various products. Once separated, the seeds are cleaned by peeling off their tough outer husk to reveal the inner kernel. Then, mango seeds are dried completely to eliminate moisture.

Mango Seeds Application

Depending on the intended use, the dried mango seeds can be stored or further processed into powder for culinary applications, oil for skincare, or directly utilized as feedstock to the boiler to generate heat. This simple yet crucial process unlocks the versatile potential of mango seeds, transforming them from discarded waste into valuable resources.

Mango Seeds Potentiality and Market

Mango, a top-tier tropical fruit globally, generates substantial waste in processing, notably in peels, seeds, and fiber, with seeds comprising 20-60% of the fruit’s weight. Explore our app to find Mango Seed Suppliers and Manufacturers across India. Conveniently purchase in minutes and make the most of this valuable resource!


High Calorific Value






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Substitute your coals and firewood with

Mango seeds, usually thrown away, can be an excellent fuel source for boilers, providing an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative. With their high calorific value, thanks to rich lignocellulosic content, mango seeds are perfect for generating heat energy in boilers. Using them as fuel not only reduces carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels but also aligns with sustainable practices. We offer an easy way to buy and sell mango seeds via our platform. Join us to avail the benefits or just fill the form – we’ll get in touch with you shortly.


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