Bringing renewable energy to your doorstep with biofuel pellets!

Solid Fuels – Pellets

Biomass pellets are a renewable energy source derived from organic waste such as wood, agricultural residues, and other plant-based materials. This fuel is created by compressing the organic material into small pellets which are cylindrical in shape. They are considered a clean and efficient fuel source, as they produce fewer emissions than fossil fuels. Typically, they are used to generate electricity, provide heat, and power industrial processes.

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Power Your Business With Biomass Pellets!

Our biomass pellets are made to be the right choice for you. They’re renewable, sustainable, and kind to our planet.

biomass pellets
Gross Calorific value icon

4200 - 4600 kcal/kg

Gross Calorific Value

Ash Content icon

3 %

Ash Content

Moisture icon

Less than 10 %


Moisture icon

8mm, 10mm


Sawdust Pellets

Sawdust pellets are made from sawdust, which is a by-product of wood processing. Sawdust pellets are made by compressing sawdust, which has been sized and shaped to specified dimensions through a pelletizing process. These cylindrical granules are then used as an alternative fuel to burn in power plants, boilers and furnaces or used in pellet stoves or fireplaces.
rice husk pellets

Rice Husk Pellets

Rice Husk Pellets are made out of rice husks, a byproduct of the rice production process. Rice husk pellets are made by compressing rice husks, via pelletizing method. These uniform shaped small cylindrical granules are made which can be burned as fuel in industrial boilers, stoves, and other heating systems. They are very low in ash and have a high calorific value, making them an ideal fuel source.
rice husk pellets

Biomass Wood Pellets

Biomass wood pellets are an outstanding renewable energy source that is made by compressing sawdust and other biomass sources from barks and forest by-products. Pellets undergo a drying process to ensure uniform moisture levels for superior energy performance. They are used in industrial boilers, heating systems and stoves to produce heat and electricity. Biomass pellets that are cost-effective, easy to manufacture, burn clean and environmentally sustainable.

Bringing renewable energy to your doorstep with biofuel pellets!

Buy and sell biomass pellets of several sizes and blends at the best price. Biomass pellets price per ton varies based on the availability and geographic location. Enquire here to find biomass pellets manufacturers nearby.


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