Rice Husk Pellet

Rice husk pellets are made by compressing rice husks, the residue of rice-processing industries. They are majorly used coal-fuel and biomass power plants, industrial boilers and for various other heating purposes.

Rice Husk Pellet Process

Rice husks are the outer layer of paddy grain which is also known as rice hull. They are soft, lightweight and less caloric. The rice husks are first dried out, then crushed into small pieces and put through a machine that presses them together into pellets. After pressing via rice husk pellet mill, it becomes a product with high caloric properties.
Rice Husk Pellets Manufacturer and Supplier
Rice Husk Pellets Manufacturer and Supplier

Potentiality and Market

Rice husk pellets have the potential to be a huge resource especially in the rice-growing countries in Southeast Asia. As more and more are aware of the negative effects of fossil fuels, they are looking at ways to reduce their reliance on these resources. Therefore, the potentiality is endless.
Rice Husk Pellets Manufacturer and Supplier


High Burning Efficiency

Less Moisture


Environmentally friendly

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