Sawdust Pellet

A sawdust pellet is a compressed block of wood sawdust that has been compressed under very high pressure. They are primarily used as raw materials and an alternative fuel source for pellet burners and boilers.

Sawdust Pellet Process

Sawdust pellets are made from sawdust, which is the fine particles that are left over after sawing or milling wood. The first step in making a sawdust pellet is to compress the sawdust into a small block using high pressure. The more pressure applied to the blocks during this phase of production, the denser they will be when they’re finished. After being compressed into blocks, they’re dried out and then sent through various processes to remove any unwanted elements like dust or dirt before being packaged up as sawdust pellets.


Sawdust Buyers in India
Sawdust Buyers in India

Potentiality and Market

Sawdust pellets are a great way to reduce the amount of sawdust created during the milling process. Sawdust is typically thrown away as waste which goes to landfills, but it can be used to make pellets that can be burned to generate heat. The market for sawdust pellets is booming. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. Also, Sawdust pellets are cheap and easy to produce, which means they can be sold at a low price without compromising quality.

Sawdust Buyers in India


High Calorific Value



Environmentally Sustainable


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