Biomass Wood Pellets

Biomass wood pellets are made from recycled sawdust and other wood waste. It is compressed into a dense, uniform shape that burns very efficiently, producing minimal ash and smoke. They are majorly used in biomass power plants, industrial boilers and for various other heat generation purposes.

Biomass Wood Pellet Process

Pelletization process is employed to produce biomass wood pellets. It is made by grinding up pieces of wood into tiny particles, then mixing the ground-up wood with water and pressurizing it to form a dense, solid substance. The resulting pellets are then dried, cooled, and packaged for sale.

Potentiality and Market

The demand for biomass wood pellets has increased over the past few years due to their ability to provide energy without releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
In addition to direct biomass co-firing, pelletized biomass has the potential to produce 6% of India’s total electricity in 2030/31, claims a research article. Hence, it has the potentiality to be a huge market.


High Calorific Value

Less Ash Residue


Environmentally friendly

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