India’s Mantra to Win Big: “Innovate, Innovate, Innovate”
Am I trying to talk up, us Indians? Yes. Because we need a lot of it, right now. There is a huge crowd of people—Indians and outsiders including the media spewing constant negativity about us.  Through my window to the world outside, all I hear is, “Indians are the worst”, “Indians are a big failure” and whatnot. But NO, we are not the worst and definitely not a failure. We must take a stand and
The Threat of Used Cooking Oil Has Made Its Way Into Our Plates
The Danger in Our Plates: We are eating a slice of danger each time we consume a meal in a restaurant. Or a cafe or a bakery. We are not talking about how hygienic the kitchen is or how many unnecessary calories we are consuming. When we say a slice of danger, we mean the oil used in our food. It may be adulterated used cooking oil which is unsuitable for human consumption.  Oil in
Europe’s Biofuel Policies Are Harming the Rest Of the World
Most countries in the world began nurturing the growth of the biofuels industry at the turn of the century. Likewise, Europe began implementing its first biofuel-related policies in the year 2003. The overall production of biofuels in the EU has increased dramatically by 22x times between 2003 and 2019.  Today, Europe has numerous advantageous policies for biofuels. In fact, most European countries have successfully replaced 10% of their total fuel consumption with biofuels in 2020.
India and Biofuels - Excellent Policymaking; Poor Real World Execution
As we popularly know, India is one of the largest consumers of oil and fuel and imports about 82% of its oil needs. The Indian government aimed to bring it down to 67% by the year 2020 by replacing it with renewable energy and indigenous fuel.  Although, what we are not aware of is that they have approved numerous policies for the advancement of the biofuels sector. Especially over the last half-decade, policymakers in India
Bio-CNG - A Stubble Burning Alternative and Lifesaver Of Air
Understanding Stubble Burning  Every harvest of paddy brings with it a residue of straw stubble as a by-product. This by-product of stubble which comes in huge quantities is partially used as cattle feed but most of it is dumped as waste by farmers. They resort to stubble burning – a practice of setting fire to get rid of stubble and clear the soil for the next crop.  Although it is banned by PPCB, farmers prefer


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