Stop Imports of Fuel Oil to Save Biodiesel
This would sound more like a continuation to my previous post and might also sound increasingly repetitive from me, but I think this must be said loud now that it’s high time that MoPNG bans/ or severely restricts import of any product under Chapter 27, please stop imports of fuel oil and furnace oil by private importers.  The Indian Government has made some exemplary policy decisions to support the biodiesel industry. Right from maintaining high
Clearing the Biofuel Fog With Buyofuel
With our feet on the ground and heads looking up, trying to contemplate the carbon-di-oxide clogged layers of the atmosphere, the rocket of Buyofuel began its fabrication. Constructed by years of experience in the biofuel sector and fueled with digital, social and economic cognizance, Buyofuel is an online marketplace that makes buying and selling green fuel trouble-free.    India’s growing fuel consumption is the 3rd largest in the world and yet is importing more than 85%
Biodiesel hunted by Spurious fuels
During the #WorldBiofuelDay webinar organized by, India’s premier OMCs IOC, BPCL and HPCL along with the #MNRE (Ministry Of New & Renewable Energy of India), enterprising Entrepreneurs, Julesh of Ecogreen Fuels and Shiva Vig of Bio-D energy raised this very pertinent point about many traders selling spurious blends of petroleum fuels as Biodiesel. Over the last few years, the government of India made a lot of positive policy changes supporting the biofuel sector, one of


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