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Extracted from Agro wastes, it’s the eco-friendly substitute for coals in boilers. Used in Briquettes and Pellets manufacturing, Loose Biomass ensures better product binding and quality. Derived from wood and agricultural waste, it’s a versatile, cost-effective, and locally sustainable energy solution. Cut down on energy costs and carbon footprint with us as your global partner in providing quality Loose Biomass resources. Make the switch to a greener tomorrow today!


Sawdust is a renewable resource that is a byproduct of woodworking operations and is made up of small particles of wood that are leftover from the sawing of timber. It burns clean, and produces minimal ash, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. Sawdust is a readily available, cost-effective and sustainably sourced biomass that acts as an efficient alternative to conventional fuels and reduces carbon emission. Sawdust can be used in boilers, stoves and furnaces to produce heat and can also be used to generate electricity through combined heat and power systems.
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Turmeric Spent

Turmeric Spent is a revolutionary biofuel that is derived from the waste of the turmeric production process. This loose biomass is an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying the benefits of clean energy. Not only is it sustainable, but it’s also easy to use and cost effective. With its unique properties and impressive efficiency, Turmeric Spent is the ideal solution for sustainable energy needs.
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Coffee Husk

Coffee husk is an renewable biomass derived from the husks of coffee beans after they have been processed and dried. Coffee Husk is easy to store and transport, and incredibly versatile. It has a high energy content, and produces a long-lasting, consistent heat. It’s also clean burning, leaving behind minimal ash and soot, and produces very little smoke or odor. With its affordability and low environmental impact, Coffee Husk is the perfect choice for those looking to reduce carbon emission.
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Rice Husk

Rice husk is an abundant, sustainable, and incredibly efficient biofuel source. It is a by-product of the rice production process. Rice husk has a higher calorific value than other biomass sources, making it an efficient source of energy. It can be used to power boilers, furnaces, and kilns, generating electricity and briquettes and pellets for efficient burning . With its impressive energy output, low emissions, versatile nature, and cost effectiveness, rice husk is an excellent source of renewable energy.
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Cashew Shell

Cashew shells are the by-product of cashew nut processing. The shells are removed from the cashew nut during the shelling process and then separated from the kernels. This shell is high in energy density. It is also an excellent source of carbon neutral fuel, meaning it doesn’t release any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This shell is easy to store and transport and is perfect for use in power plants, industrial boilers, and biofuel production.
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Wood Chips

Wood chips are produced by chipping or shredding down wood of trees, branches, roots, and residues into small pieces, making them ideal for burning in biomass boilers and other appliances. They are easy to obtain, reliable, cost-effective, and have a low environmental impact.Wood chips are also suitable for use in gasification systems, pellet stoves, and other combustion systems. Wood chips burn slowly and cleanly, releasing a natural energy source that is clean and efficient.
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Groundnut Shell

Groundnut shells, a by-product of groundnut processing, are separated from the kernels during the shelling process. These shells, known for their high energy density, serve as an excellent source of carbon-neutral fuel, making them an environmentally friendly alternative. The combustion of groundnut shells produces energy without emitting harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. With convenient storage and transport attributes, groundnut shells prove to be an ideal choice for various applications, including powering plants, industrial boilers, and biofuel production.

Mango Seeds

Mango seeds, often discarded as waste, can serve as valuable feedstock for boilers, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative fuel source. Rich in lignocellulosic material, mango seeds possess high calorific value, making them suitable for combustion in boilers to generate heat energy. By utilizing mango seeds as boiler fuel, industries can reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon emissions, and contribute to sustainable practices. Additionally, this initiative supports circular economy principles by repurposing agricultural by-products, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Eucalyptus Wood Chips

Eucalyptus wood chips are small pieces of wood obtained from eucalyptus trees through chipping or shredding processes. Primarily, they serve as a vital raw material in paper production. Additionally, eucalyptus wood chips play a crucial role in bioenergy production, serving as biomass fuel for generating heat or converted into wood pellets for use in power plants or residential heating systems. Eucalyptus wood chips offer a sustainable biofuel option with high energy content and rapid growth. Widely available and low in emissions, they contribute to reduced carbon footprints and offer economic benefits.

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Substitute your coals and firewood with

Loose biomass are the products extracted from Agro wastes and used as fuels in boilers as the replacement of Coals. Loose biomass products are used in the Manufacturing of Briquettes and Pellets for better binding of the products and also defines their product quality. Derived from organic materials like wood and agricultural waste, Loose Biomass offers a versatile, cost-effective, and locally sustainable energy solution. Say goodbye to high energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint. We’re your trusted partner with global reach, committed to providing quality Loose Biomass resources. Join us and make your switch today!


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